Document of Lith.

Only the important things.


Osc Voice Modes.

# Voice: Simply acts as an oscillator.

The following 4 modes function as modulators.
At that time, the oscillator on the voice mode side becomes a carrier.
So if both oscillators 1 and 2 are modulators, there will be no sound.

# FM1: In fact, this is phase modulation.
# FM2: Almost traditional FM, but with a little bit of original processing.
# RM1: Original sound + ring modulated it. Vol controls the amount of mix.
# RM2: This is purely RM. So if you set vol to 0, the sound will disappear.

The sub-oscillator also has the same mode, which works for the parent oscillator.

Mod Assignment.

# absolute or relative.
When the 'abs.' switch is ON, the set value works as an absolute value. If the range is exceeded, the value is cut.
The value works relatively when the 'abs.' switch is off. Modulated param when the range is -1 to 1, and the set value is 0.3, the positive side is reflected in the 0.7 range, and the negative side is reflected in the -1.3 range.

# Multiple sources.
It is possible to superimpose multiple sources. When two same Env are assigned, it functions as a double speed Env.

LFO Modes.

# Poly: Every note starts independently.
# Mono: Unified to the last note.
# Legato: The first note is kept.
# Free: The phase starts randomly.

Mouse Behavior

Plot on the Mod controls: 

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