Virtual Analog Synthesizer

  • Wavetable sampled real analog oscillator.

Thank you for waiting.
We face some technical difficulties, but we can release within a few days.
Jul, 18, 2019.

Don't use it for production yet.
We decided to redesign the GUI and modulation significantly.
Probably lose preset compatibility. (May, 11, 2019)


Version 1.0.0 Beta (May, 2019 released.)

VST2 version is here. (Not supported,
So far, Lith works exactly the same in both versions,
But if you are in a VST3 enabled environment, use it.
Development of VST2 technology is already finished.)

The 32bit versions of Mac will be released soon. (07, May, 2019)
It does not work in Logic. There seems to be a problem with the Param specification.


I'm still working. May. 04, 2019.


  • Documents of plug-in details.
  • GUI improvement.
  • MIDI related improvements.
  • 32bit application?
  • Ability to exchange pairs?
  • Correspondence to tuning file.
  • Software license related documents.
  • and Effect Rack.