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I was surprised that Lith was chosen for KVR's One Synth Challenge. One Synth Challenge (OSC) is a competition that uses only one synth to create a track. In the forum, I received a lot of advice.I would like to thank the organizers and participants again.

The first version of Lith was released this May. Initially it was a simpler synth. Since the release, many people have commented that the sound is good, regardless of the UI. I've been adjusting the sound quality for quite a while, so I'm really happy that it was evaluated. I'll write more details about the sound of Lith in the near future.

After that, I made quite a big change and released it as version 2 in August. It incorporates a flexible modulation function while maintaining the sound quality. Being flexible and able to do much makes it difficult to make sounds. Lith has a slight tendency, but 'it is still simple but versatile.', It seems that such a general comment was given at the competition the other day.

One Synth Challenge #129:

The vote was held until just the other day. I was very impressed by the variety of the tracks. Originality and ingenuity can be seen everywhere, and I will use it as a reference for how synths are used.

There are still a lot of task lists for adding functions and minor corrections, It takes about half a year to complete. I also want to improve the interface.

2019 will soon be over, but this year as the start of Soda Devices, I think it was a good start.

Thank you to those who use Lith.

If you haven't used it yet, please download it, play a sound, and play with it. You will feel the sound and adjustments for professional use.


12/19/2019 at 04:04AM