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We recently released a reverb plugin called Beryverb.

As you can see on the product page, this reverb plugin allows for very detailed manipulation of voices.

There are already some great reverb products out there.

When we started developing it, we weren't going to release it if it was going to be similar to those products.

However, we felt we were able to make it unique enough to release it.

Beryverb is a type of reverb that generates reverberation by algorithm.

Very roughly speaking, it has a lot of fine delays in parallel and a filter to stir them up.

The original algorithm itself was established by Schroeder in the 1960s.

The algorithm is very sensitive to the numerical values of the parameters used inside.

Changing the numbers just a little bit can make a big difference in the sound.

Products based on Schroeder's algorithm are available from various companies, and this is where the personality of the manufacturer can easily be seen.

Beryverb also took a long time to adjust the parameters.

Some of the products seem to include a chorus filter, mainly to reduce the resonance called ringing.

This is the case when the parameter says LFO or MOD, which also affects the character of the sound.

In the case of Beryverb, we use our own method to reduce the ringing and try to keep the original sound as unchanged as possible.

Also, we have a unique mechanism to prevent noise when you change the parameters.

The evaluation version of this plugin has no sound output limitations.

You can continue to use it for evaluation purposes for a long enough period of time.

Please give it a try.


11/12/2020 at 10:32PM