Fine Expression Reverb

If you need a fine tuning range, this is the reverb to use.


Version 1.1.2 (Sep. 2, 2022 released.)

VST Plugin Technology By Steinberg.
Audio Units Technology By Apple.


Evaluation License. Personal / Commercial License.
Controlled by the DAW's internal controller.
No startup screen.
No limit on output.

Currently, sales are suspended.

Quick Reference:

Length Section:
  • Dump:  This means the destination of the attenuation.
  • Balance:  The balance between Hi and Lo can be specified with the Xover value.
Room Settings Section:
  • Attack:  It means the sharpness of reflection. Imagine the softness of a wall.
  • Size:  The size of the room.
  • Shape:  The larger the value, the wider the diffusion. Imagine the evenness of the wall.
Outputs Section:
  • Cut Filters:  The output stage has two cut filters, effective only for wet sounds.
Mouse Behavior: