This is a expressive software reverb.

This reverb is simple to use, yet has a lot of detail. The Beryverb can be used as a general purpose reverb, or as a creative reverb to create a unique sound.

The Beryverb is an algorithmic reverb. It uses a circuit based on a method called Feedback Delay Network with some unique elements (especially the diffuse circuitry).

Typically, an LFO is used to modulate the reverb in order to suppress ringing, which can greatly affect the character of the sound. Instead of using an LFO, the Beryverb uses a unique method to suppress ringing, resulting in a clearer sound.

In addition, no noise is generated when adjusting each parameter, providing smooth operation.


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Version 1.0.0 Beta (Aug. 1, 2020 released.)

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